• Small-Scale Business and Price War

    As a subject of discussion, small-scale business is always interesting. The first reason is there are many things that can be discussed from this topic. Second; If we learn and understand how it works it will have a significant impact on the business we run. I watched a Youtuber’s channel yesterday; “How to maximize the […]

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  • Kematian

    Kematian. Bisa terjadi ketika fungsi biologis penopang kehidupan organisme hidup mengalami penghentian permanen. Seiring berjalannya waktu, makin berkurang fungsi biologis, juga semakin berkurang kesempatan hidup. Kematian tidak dapat dibalikkan. Irreversible. Dan bisa sengaja dipercepat dengan cara “merusak” fungsi biologis tubuh sendiri. Terutama bagi manusia. Celakanya, sebagian dari kita tidak menyadarinya. Lalai. Pun sadar namun abai. […]

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  • Wedding Photography during The Pandemic

    Wedding photography has never been this complicated. At the end of 2019 we were shocked by the Covid-19 issue. We hastily adapt to the situation. What I know about the prospect of this sector is; even wedding photographers and their teams collaborate with hotels. They lower the price, and this affects their profit. This also […]

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  • Coffee: Introducing TIMOER

    Coffee is a common business that we can find in big cities. Entrepreneurs with a lot of money create Instagramable cafes so that buyers are interested in visiting and sharing their photos on Instagram. If a famous Instagram celebrity go there to take pictures of themselves and upload it on social media, the cafe will […]

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  • plants

    Wedding Photography dan Kepergian Ibu

    Wedding Photography dan Kepergian Ibu memiliki kaitan yang erat. Wedding photography merupakan divisi fotografi yang mengabadikan moment pernikahan. Adapun “Ibu” yang Saya maksud di sini ialah Ibu mertua Saya. Pendek kata; dalam tulisan ini Saya ingin bercerita tentang penyesalan Saya atas tidak adanya kenangan yang Saya miliki bersama Ibu mertua dalam bentuk foto. Saya semakin […]

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