About Me


Films Roll and Childhood

Hello ! My name is Jinan Ramadhan. Because it’s very important for you to know me as photographer and how I take pictures, therefore I want to tell you about my background before I became a professional wedding & prewedding photographer.

During my childhood, sometimes my family and I go on vacation to many places with my cousins. My father also took pictures of us with pocket cameras, and the thing that really impressed me is when installing film rolls time. And of course, I’m happy when my father came home with our journey photos. My world seems like it’s never far from the camera, though I prefer drawing rather than taking pictures. I didn’t expect that someday I would like photography, even become a self-taught photographer.

Early 2008, I bought Canon Powershot A590 IS (Image Stabilizer) for documenting moments as my bachelor thesis data. I also take pictures of whatever I want to take in my free time. In the end, my Powershot was broken and I took many photos using different camera that I borrowed from my friends, where the results bought by peoples. Some of them are landscape and heritages building photos. I got my first DSLR instead; Canon 1100D in 2011, when my father want me to documenting our new home building process.

Become a professional wedding and prewedding photographer

In the middle of 2011, I continued my study in Master of Anthropology. I also like to capture at any objects I want to take, including my college friends. Now you know that these experiences transformed into my interest in photos where the subject is human.

In early 2012, I had a severe headache for 8 days and the disease also afflict my physical condition. I did a lot of things but I couldn’t cure it. I don’t know why. One day I thought of an idea; I’ll take photos of places related to my childhood. And it turns out that it healed me.

During that year, while at college, I began to develop my own Anthropology paradigm based on the science of visualization, which is the science of how humans perceive, where in the end transformed into half of my photography approach. Most importantly of course I’m always passionate about improving my photography and post production skills.

After graduated, I decided to start becoming a full-time proffesional photographer. I take portraits of many people and I work with a number of wedding photography services. At the same time, I also became the lead wedding photographer for my own wedding photography services; Jinan Ramadhan Photoworks.

Generally I am a professional photographer, but I’m focused and interested in prewedding/ wedding and all things related to portrait, because I really like the moment where I can see and searching the beauty sides of humans, especially my clients. I like the moment when they were touched ’cause seeing their beautiful sides through my photograph result. This is extraordinary happiness, see the world in a different way.

Now I live in Yogyakarta, and gladly accept if you plan your prewedding/ wedding sessions with me. You can fill out the form here.

Kind regards,

Jinan Ramadhan