Business Ecosystem: How to Expand Your Social Network

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Business ecosystem is very important, included your network on Instagram. Many part in this ecosystem; not only potential clients, but even ordinary friends and friends who work as ‘business people’. But; Everyone on Instagram has a different character. In a business context, we can group them into two categories; good or bad ecosystems. In order to find a good business ecosystem; When is the right time to expand your network?

Hello, my name is Jinan Ramadhan and thank you for reading my journal. I often take pictures of many people on single portrait, prewedding, and wedding. So many things that I can get from this activity. But in this article, I will tell How to Expand Social Network, below. I know this journal doesn’t seem to have anything relations with photography. But, of course this article has relations with creative workers paradigm like me, and you. I hope the story can inspire readers, business people, especially photographers.

Instagram as A Digital Business Tool

We have been in an era where physical boundaries have melted. Technology allows us to access a variety of information from all corners of the world. We are also able to order food and drinks with the details of our request. We can exchange news through chat applications such as WhatsApp, LINE, Kakao Talk, even share picture messages, voice messages, ‘pdf’ format files, or Microsoft Word ‘doc’ and ‘rtf’. We can order the things we want, without having to come to the store, and a courier will deliver. All of these things can be done as easily as sliding and tapping the touch screen of our smartphone.

Likewise with Instagram. As an ‘many people lovely application’, Instagram is one of the various manifestations of technological development. Of course you know Instagram features and layout along with the function and Instagram position as social media. Yes. As I explained above, means Instagram is medium for socializing, substantially. Instagram makes it easy for us to socialize in different ways. This is the most important premise.

Many types of businesses use Instagram as a product campaign instrument. Instagram takes this opportunity. They innovate to create a devoted business interface; ‘Instagram for Business’. There are excellent features in the Instagram business account; ‘Insight‘. This business account users can also use the Instagram story feature. I don’t need to explain both, because I will talk about trends in my Instagram stories.

“Do They Care About You?”

I realized that everyone who views my Instagram story can be divided into two categories; people who respond to it, and vice versa. Even with the ‘insight’ feature, I can see how many people watched my story until it was finished, and how many left. These two categories can also be seen in how other people behave towards us; How often do they not reply to our comments on their feeds or on their Instagram story? It makes me wonder about my [brand’s]position in my circle of Instagram peoples. “Do they care about me?

This issue led me to think broadly on other issues. So I decided to expand my network. I asked myself four questions;

1. Among your followers, how many have seen your Instagram Story?

2. Among the people who saw your Instagram Story, how many appreciated it?

3. Among those who appreciate, how many people hire your professional services?

4. Among the people who hire your professional services, how many people adhere to professional ethics? For example; Did they pay on time? Are they offering you an inappropriate price? Do they interrupt when you speak? If they repeatedly cut the conversation, it means they intend to control the direction of the conversation and don’t want to pay you according to your workload.

Jinan ramadhan, 2020

These questions will help you realize whether you are in the right ecosystem or not. “Do the four questions above can apply into other social media?”.


There are certain people who pass in front of your house, enter the yard, see your flowers, but do not greet you for a chat over tea. Keep in touch with those who care about you.

So, what are you waiting for? Expand your network and business ecosystem !


Jinan Ramadhan

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