Fotografi Wisuda: The First and The Latest

My first photography project is graduation photography ! But the photos in this journal aren’t my first project. I don’t have the files anymore. The photos that I uploaded in this journal are my latest graduation project. Now, I want to tell a little of my first experience in the world of professional photography services.

the beginning

At the end of 2016, my friend need my photography service. She asked me to take a picture of her cousin’s graduation ceremony at The Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. Indonesian call it ‘fotografi wisuda’. Even though I don’t have a sophisticated camera like other photographer, I try my best. I tried to retouch the results. Then, voila ! The color is better and more dramatic than before. Off course, my curent skills are better.

I got the first pay from the project. Yeay ! 🙂

I’ve handled four graduation photography clients until now. Indeed, not much. I got many photography job from product, portraiture, and fashion. However, as long as there are clients who ask me to take pictures of their graduation, I will approve it. I use the time to keep practicing photo editing skills, therefore when new photography projects arrive, I have mastered the new ability to produce the best photos.


When I got my fourth graduation photography project, I already have Canon 50mm f/1.8- and new retouch skill. Fix lens makes me taking pictures easier. Because, besides having a wide apperture, the lens has good sharpness. Here the result.

Two woman on graduation ceremonies
woman hold medal on her graduation ceremonies
Two woman on graduation ceremonies

By the way, I just finished several fashion photography projects and some latest photo sessions with my new friends to reach my latest photography standard inspired by Rembrandt. Maybe, someday the latest standard can be used to produce better graduation photography. So, if you need best graduation photography services in Yogyakarta, I will provide the best quality. I’ll gladly accept your request 😉


Jinan Ramadhan

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