• Wedding/prewedding picture of man and woman

    Wedding Photography: My Three ways to Get The Best Photos

    How do I get the best photos for wedding / prewedding? Understanding single portrait photography ! Portrait is the most important basic for took the best pictures of the bride and groom at their wedding or prewedding. This is one thing that must be prioritized as important as the moments. Photographer must be able to […]

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  • Wedding Photography: Reasons Couples Choose a Wedding/Prewedding Photographer

    Many couples wonder;“What should I consider when choosing wedding photography services? Is it because the price is the cheapest? If the price is cheapest, is the quality equitable? Does the result have artistic value?“, and other reasons. These reasons also need to be understood by photographers to improve their competence. Hello, my name is Jinan […]

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  • Cara membuat Video Musik dengan Smartphone, DSLR Canon 600D, dan Lighting Sederhana

    Sebagaimana yang kalian ketahui, Saya adalah seorang fotografer. Tetapi akhir-akhir ini Saya juga memiliki antusiasme terhadap videografi, terutama music video. Saya pertama kali menggunakan mode video DSLR secara penuh untuk merekam beberapa footage video pada 2016. Namun baru pada 2018 Saya membuat sebuah video pertama berupa video musik band yang Saya upload di Youtube. Video […]

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  • Engagement ring and vintage wristwatch

    Prewedding Jogja: Situs Warungboto

    How this prewedding photo session request began Finally ! I had the opportunity to implement my new skills into the latest prewedding photo session; “Belvage and Amanatia Prewedding”. Taken in December 2019 and uploaded on January 15, 2020, the process went smoothly. If you’ve read my journal about light painting photography techniques, then you will […]

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  • How to Take The Best Pictures

    Photography evolved rapidly today. People buy cameras. They take whatever they want. They uploaded it onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or the most popular ‘visual’ application; Instagram. Many themes scattered; Travelling, Wedding/Pre-wedding, Food/Beverages, and especially; portrait. Likewise color tones; moody dark, muted green tone, earth tone, teal&orange, even Japanese tone. They celebrating it. Crowded. Then, I […]

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