• Engagement ring and vintage wristwatch

    Prewedding Jogja: Situs Warungboto

    How this prewedding photo session request began Finally ! I had the opportunity to implement my new skills into the latest prewedding photo session; “Belvage and Amanatia Prewedding”. Taken in December 2019 and uploaded on January 15, 2020, the process went smoothly. If you’ve read my journal about light painting photography techniques, then you will […]

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  • How to Take The Best Pictures

    Photography evolved rapidly today. People buy cameras. They take whatever they want. They uploaded it onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or the most popular ‘visual’ application; Instagram. Many themes scattered; Travelling, Wedding/Pre-wedding, Food/Beverages, and especially; portrait. Likewise color tones; moody dark, muted green tone, earth tone, teal&orange, even Japanese tone. They celebrating it. Crowded. Then, I […]

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  • Fotografi Wisuda: The First and The Latest

    My first photography project is graduation photography ! But the photos in this journal aren’t my first project. I don’t have the files anymore. The photos that I uploaded in this journal are my latest graduation project. Now, I want to tell a little of my first experience in the world of professional photography services. […]

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  • Portrait & Wedding Packages Comparison: Simple Description

    Generally, photography services offer silver, gold and platinum packages to their clients. Portrait, wedding or prewedding photographer named the packages themselves, along with the benefits they offered. I have different packages and benefits in portrait, wedding, and prewedding photography that I offer. During this time, many clients have asked me; what is the difference between […]

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  • How to Make a Music Video: Behind The Scenes of Renjana Signifikan

    I finally released my second video after released the first in December 2018 on Youtube. Published in May/27/2019, this video footage won a pretty satisfying attention from my Instagram followers. Generally consist of two parts; intro and content, I finished intro footage within three days, and overally complete this project for three weeks. I don’t […]

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