Portrait & Wedding Packages Comparison: Simple Description

Generally, photography services offer silver, gold and platinum packages to their clients. Portrait, wedding or prewedding photographer named the packages themselves, along with the benefits they offered. I have different packages and benefits in portrait, wedding, and prewedding photography that I offer. During this time, many clients have asked me; what is the difference between the packages that I offer them. I will make it easier by showing a table that might give a description to the client, what is the difference between the packages that I have.


Portraiture packages comparison table

The table above simply describe the things that you will get from each class. I have 5 class for portraiture (portrait) packages, namely; Musgravite, Grandidierite, Painite, Vintage Painite, and Ultimate. Each class has their advantages. Example; Ultimate class does not using colors concept as good as Vintage Painite, but using artificial lighting while Vintage Painite doesn’t use it. Both classes are equally good, not bad. They just have different characters. If ultimate uses artificial lighting with flash, then Vintage Painite uses natural light, based on the Rembrandt technique.


wedding and prewedding packages comparison table

The table above also applies to explain the prewedding package. It’s just, the prewedding package only has two classes, namely; Painite and Vintage Painite.

Based on what we can see in the table, artificial lighting concept in wedding packages applies to all classes. Why? Because in weddings, couples use decorations and aisle stage to take pictures with a group of people, whether from friends, family, other relatives, and colleagues. I don’t want to spoil the moment just because it’s cloudy and dark, or to be in a room without good lighting. So that the bride and groom’s face along people related to them went dark. Therefore, I use flash as artificial lighting to anticipate the problems.

For further explanation about portrait, wedding, and prewedding packages from photographer, contact me. We can meet and talk about this more clearly.

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