I’ve take many people pictures from various backgrounds, starting from ordinary people to local artist or singer. Portrait is what I do when I’m not working on a wedding or prewedding project. Portrait is also a project that I did long before I got a wedding and prewedding project nowadays. The experience I gained from portraits gave me the ability to direct every peoples during the photo shoot.

Some photos will be presented depends on the results and packages you want.

Even when you want Painite-Vintage post-production results, all presented well, just different characteristics.

The woman wear earrings on her portrait

Or you want my Painite Packages where you will get results like Rembrant Lighting Technique, for classy and indispensable portrait in your social media.

The man wear a glasses on his portrait

For the best moment that I took, including your spontaneous expression.

portrait of Girl wear glasess sit above trunk and hold branch

Never mind Painite, even though Musgravite already gives you fine color quality.

Portrait also deals with concepts such as the outfit to wear, the colors that are carried, the properties and accessories, their compatibility with the location of the shoot. We will discuss it together to get the best results.

We can do indoors like my studio, and outdoors photo shoots like a forest, a crowd, a site, a cafe, market, or any other place you want to visit. I will walk with you, talk to you, and watch your expression, then press shutter button to release your hidden expressions. We can talk about many things like your love story, your dreams, and the activities that you are doing.

I really like the moment where I can see and searching the beauty sides of humans, especially my clients. This is extraordinary happiness to see the world in a different way.

Now I live in Yogyakarta, and gladly accept if you plan your single portraiture, prewedding/ wedding sessions with me. You can fill out the form here.

Kind regards,

Jinan Ramadhan