Prewedding Jogja: Situs Warungboto

Engagement ring and vintage wristwatch in the prewedding session

How this prewedding photo session request began

Finally ! I had the opportunity to implement my new skills into the latest prewedding photo session; “Belvage and Amanatia Prewedding”. Taken in December 2019 and uploaded on January 15, 2020, the process went smoothly. If you’ve read my journal about light painting photography techniques, then you will understand this success makes me happy. I’ll tell you how this prewedding photo session request began, how we discuss the photo shoot idea, and how the shooting process works.

Belvage is my friend at college a long time ago. We rarely meet, only twice, and just talked about philosophy besides simple things. He’s follows my Instagram account and often likes all the photos that I upload. He said;“I like your photoworks”. Then one day, Belvage asked me to take some prewedding sessions with his fiance, Amanatia. I feel happy ! We made an appointment to meet and discuss prewedding sessions.

What we discussed about prewedding photo shoot idea?

We met and discussed about the location, the clothes and accessories they’ll wear, likewise what time we should be at the location. Discussion process is very fun. I see how the two try to understand each other despite having different thoughts. For example; Amanatia prefers if Belvage has long hair while shooting. But Belvage, he has already cut his hair to make it look neater. “For social reasons”, he said. I saw how the two looked at each other and begged for approval. When none of them spoke, I tried to speak up; “Belvage, you are very lucky to have a fiance like Amanatia. Many women I know, don’t like long-haired men.. And, Natia, Belvage is very smart. Maybe he agrees with you, but he has a consideration. Doesn’t this show that even though Belvage is right, he still respects others, especially you?“.

Do you understand what I mean? Yes ! I see both of them focusing on how to defend their opinions and their reasons. But I am trying to bring them to an understanding that they must not forget about love as the only reason. For those of you who are married, you can certainly understand the situation they face. Nostalgic, isn’t it? Hahah ! When the bride and groom disagree with each other, the photographer has an important role as arbiter, create a comfortable atmosphere for them.


Okay, then, we chose “Situs Warungboto Yogyakarta” as photoshoot location. Situs Warungboto is a royal guesthouse built during the reign of First Hamengkubuwono; Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. The construction continued during the reign of The Second. The site was only the form of ruins and debris that were poorly maintained before renovation.

I’ve already visited the site in 2016, and the site popularity has risen ever since it was used as Kahiyang Ayu – Jokowi’s (The President of Indonesian State) daughter- prewedding location. But I have a reason why I chose it as a prewedding location; Situs Warungboto is the place where I first practiced my newest skill: painting light, and the results are indeed amazing. I told Belvage that if he wanted the best results, we had to choose Situs Warungboto as the location. And, yes, he agreed.

couple look in a direction
Look at the balance between highlights, midtone, and shadow.

The Clothes and Accessories they’ll wear

The sites seem walled with a plain style. But there are some places in this location that are actually patterned too crowded as background. That’s why we choose clothes to wear based on the walls color and patterns. Belvage and Amanatia want a vintage concept; wearing a white on top with brown trousers and skirt. We deliberately choose clothes without patterns so as not to make the photo seem crowded. And, I was surprised when Belvage brought a long green coat, vintage watch, flat cap, and one bouquet of flowers for property !

Couple emotion and smile
The combination of their outfit and stalls on Situs Warungboto seems just right. And, of course, with expressions of happiness emanating from both.
The Man smoke and Woman Holding a bouquet of flowers
Look at them. I didn’t direct them to act like that. They spontaneously looked at the tourists who go down the stairs and headed in their position. But this moment actually make their poses look natural, like a pair of lovers who promised to meet somewhere in England.

How prewedding session works

We promised to meet at Situs Warungboto before 9:00 am. But I forgot that we did a photo shoot on Sunday 22nd, where on Sundays, of course, many tourists come. And that’s right ! Hahaha ! I was very worried if the sessions would difficult and ruin the mood of the three of us. Example; the more people in the location, the more difficult it will be to get a ‘clean’ background. But evidently, as far as we take photoshoots, every tourists who comes give us space. And, when Belvage came earlier than Amanatia, we took a few photos just to try to find a vision of the results. Okay, this makes me more prepared and confident that the results of the post process will be good. And once again, the process went well, even Amanatia and Belvage listened to jazz music together during the process, so, their moods get better !

Couple on the stairs bathed in sunlight
Amanatia asked for permission to listen to jazz. And then, she’s offers Belvage to listen music together.

I shoot using only a camera and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. The light source on Situs Warungboto is good enough to get amazing photos. So I only need my sensitivity to light and how to adjust the camera’s settings. Without flash, without too many tools.

climbing up the stairs
Oh, My God ! I like this photo !
Couple enjoy their quality time
Last sessions, last spot. I like this photo because of Amanatia’s expression.

Amazing ! I can’t wait for another photo session with new clients. If you want to rent my photography services, contact me by email. I give the best for valuable moments in your life. See you later ! 😉


Jinan Ramadhan

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