Wedding and Prewedding

Prewedding moments and Wedding celebration is precious for the couples or the bride and the groom, along with the people related with them. There are so many priceless moments that can be told through my photography concept, make an unforgettable story from that happiest day.

The bride and the groom laugh together where the bride hold flower boucket on their wedding

I’ve taken many photos of couples, their wedding moments, and would be very happy if you were one of them.

holding hands and traditional wedding dress in blue

Various expressions of happiness are seen, moments that will never be repeated on a wedding day. Therefore all served with finest quality photos ranging from fine quality to classy, even with a vintage style.

The groom hold flower boucket and wearing a flower crown on her wedding day

Show the best side of yourself through the camera, even when you are not aware of it. You can get it all through my camera, for the best wedding and prewedding of all time.

You might even be surprised by better results than your expectations.

Engagement ring and vintage wristwatch on prewedding session

Because I really like the moment where I can see and searching the beauty sides of humans, especially my clients. I like the moment when they were touched and cry ’cause seeing their beautiful sides through my photograph result. This is extraordinary happiness, see the world in a different way.

The Woman wear engagement dress and ring

Tell me whatever you want in your prewedding and wedding photos, and I will present the best concepts for you. Look at the results of my wedding and prewedding photos that you can find on my website. Read all the blogs that I write and how I take pictures. Then you have chosen your photographer wisely.

I gladly accept if you plan your prewedding/ wedding sessions with me. I’ll provide gorgeus and amazing wedding or prewedding photo sessions. I’m live in Yogyakarta nowaday. You can contact me via email or whatsapp to ask about my photography services through related icons below my website, or you can fill out the form here.

Kind regards,

Jinan Ramadhan