Wedding Photography: Reasons Couples Choose a Wedding/Prewedding Photographer

Many couples wonder;“What should I consider when choosing wedding photography services? Is it because the price is the cheapest? If the price is cheapest, is the quality equitable? Does the result have artistic value?“, and other reasons. These reasons also need to be understood by photographers to improve their competence. Hello, my name is Jinan Ramadhan. Thank you for reading my journal. I will tell the reasons why couples choose certain photographers for their wedding, below.

1. Sharp Wedding Photos

I once had a graduation photo client. She’s a woman and comes from Yogyakarta. I know her from a friend. Now she works in Bali. When I met her to submit the results, we talked about many things. Including the marriage plans with her boyfriend. I haven’t seen her in a long time. I told about our conversation with our friend. My friend told me;”She was very happy to see the results. She said that she would hire your photography services for her wedding one day. I asked why she really wanted you to be her wedding photographer. She answered, ‘because your photos are very sharp”.

Okay. “Sharp” means “Good”.

2. Details or The Right and Touching Moments

What do you first think of a wedding photo? Are sheets of photos containing pictures of a group of people standing and neatly lined up at the stage? No ! Many photos can be taken in the ceremony. For example; bride make-up preparation, using a dress, wearing accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and rings. In the preparation room, a photographer sometimes meets with the mother and sister of the bride. Even the groom !

But there are things you have probably never seen. I will describe it below.

Details that I usually take

The detail that I usually take is; the make-up equipment, the make-up process, the accessories of the bride and groom such as -rings, necklaces, bracelets, wristwatch-,dowry, wedding rundown, microphone, suits, wedding dress and suits, bride and groom’s shoes, or its kind. All captured with certain framing.

wedding dress
bride shoes

Moments that I saw in a wedding

The bride wear flower crown and crying with her mother at her wedding day

I once saw a groom who was nervous before the marriage ceremony. Then, He laughs with the bride. I’ve also seen a bride so stunned to see her beauty after makeup, and the mother hugs her. There are still many other touching moments like;

When the bride’s mother cries, when the bride cries in front of her father and mother, when the bride’s father cries and kisses his daughter forehead, when the bride and groom throw a bouquet of flowers to the unmarried invited guests, when the bride and groom release a balloon together, and many other moments. They are nervous, they laugh, they cry, they are happy, they are touched. A photographer must be able to see and capture those touching moments with unique framing. Generally, this approach known as wedding journalism.

Couples will be attracted by the photos that touch their feelings. Having a good and touching portfolio as much as possible is important for photographers. Couples can see the quality of a wedding photographer from the portfolio.

3. Color and Tone

In the context of our conversation, color is different from tone. I define the ‘color’ as the color of the skin, the color of the suit or wedding dress, the color of green color of the leaves and grass at the wedding garden party, the color of the tablecloth, the color of guest clothes, even blue sky.

On the other hand, I define ‘tone’ as a category that represents the dark and bright intensity of a photo, color filter, where this creates a certain mood for the peoples. Some people like warm tones such as yellow or orange filter, others like cool tones such as blue or purple.

Many people say the reason they asked me to be their photographer is my stunning experiment color and tone and my results which seemed to have a soul. Okay.

Another Reasons

There is another reasons why couples choose the photographer. It’s a cliche, but it does.

Some people choose wedding / prewedding photographers because of low prices. In certain market situations, many photographers reduce prices so clients flock to rent their services. Among the many choices, couples choose the cheapest.

Another reason is; the photographer popularity. People said; hiring a popular photography service can improve the social status of couples or as a marker of social status. They don’t care what the price is, they will still pay the photographer.

Couples are interested in hiring my wedding/ prewedding photography services because three main reasons that I have mentioned above. There are a couple who send messages to me and begin by asking for a price list. But this tendency is clearly different from the couple who texted me and introduced themselves first, when is the marriage, where is the location, and the wedding concept. Then they ask: “Can you be our photographer?”

So, what kind of couples are you?

I gladly accept if you plan your prewedding/ wedding sessions with me. Please send a message to me via email. You can see my email address at the bottom of my website.

Kind regards,

Jinan Ramadhan

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