What’s Inside My Bag: Manage The Things Neatly

What’s inside my bag – Hey, folks ! Long time no see. How are you? Things change during a pandemic. Please accept my condolences for the many victims of Covid 19, I hope the family that’s left behind will be given courage. I hope you all are well, always be vigilant and adhere to pandemic protocols everywhere. I hope this pandemic will pass quickly.

Hello, my name is Jinan Ramadhan and thank you for reading my journal. I often take pictures of many people on single portrait, prewedding, and wedding. So many things that I can get from this activity. But in this article, I will tell about what’s inside my bag, below. I know this journal doesn’t seem to have anything relations with photography. But, of course this article has relations with creative workers like me, and you too. I hope the story about what’s inside my bag can be an inspiration for readers.

I will divide the story about what’s inside my bag into four parts; what’s inside my sling bag and tote bag in everyday life, what’s inside my backpack, and what’s inside my camera bag. Happy reading !

What’s Inside My Sling Bag

During normal, pandemic, or even during this new normal, I always use Tumi sling bag. Before using this sling bag, I usually use a backpack. But I think backpacks are less practical every time I want to take things I need from my bag. That’s my first reason. Second; I’m wearing fit pants, and of course don’t want to put the motor key in my pocket. Apart from creating an unsightly shape on my thighs, it will damage my pants when I ride a motorbike and go out on a hot day. Third; easy to carry around and almost anything I need can be stored in it.

hand sanitizer, a smartphone, wallet, and face mask on one frame

Before the pandemic, I usually carry a smartphone, wallet, motorbike keys, and house keys in it. Now I also bring face mask and hand sanitizer. I rarely forget to bring or have trouble finding these items in the sling bag because I choose a bag whose benefits suit my needs. It has systematic small pockets where I can keep important things like motor keys and house keys in it.

Don’t put face masks, keys, and hand sanitizers together with wallets and other items in one place ! I suggest that you separate the two types of items in order to minimize the possibility of items that are susceptible to germs contaminating other items.

Other reasons why I like my sling bag; not too big, made of leather, and of course; black!

What’s Inside My Tote Bag

From my brother. I love the visual work.

I don’t use it often in my daily life. I only use it when I want to take a ‘relax’ walk around where I live. I bring a pencil, sheet of paper, camera and lens, wallet, hand sanitizer and face mask during this pandemic and new normal. I purposely didn’t bring my smartphone so I could concentrate on enjoying the moment.

a wallet, camera, lens, and face mask above tote bag.

You know the reason why I brought a hand sanitizer and face mask, but do you know what’s the reason I brought my wallet, a piece of paper, a pencil, and a camera along with the lens?

I brought my wallet so that when I was tired of walking and wanted to rest, I could buy food and drinks at some place.

While enjoying food and drinks, I look at the ‘street photos’ results which I shoot using my camera and lens when I walk.

I don’t like to see results for too long. Then I wrote the lyrics to my band’s song using a pencil and a piece of paper that I brought.

My tote bag has two additional pockets that can be used to store face masks and hand sanitizers. Do you remember that I suggest to separate the two types of items in order to minimize the possibility of contamination?

Other reason? Of course; it’s black!

What’s Inside My Camera Bag

It is important to carry camera equipment for professional work using a camera bag. The camera bag has dividers made of foam with a certain thickness. These dividers can be removed and fixed elsewhere in the bag so I can define a column for storing equipment according the shape.

camera bag in front of wall

It is better to have a camera bag than to carry equipment in a regular bag. The dividers in camera bag prevent equipment from weighing on each other, press, or scratching one another.

Some lens inside a camera bag

Many parts and pockets on this bag; so I can store spare camera batteries, remote wires, filters, trigger batteries, flash batteries, flashes, lenses, backup memory card and additional camera bodies. I can take my laptop and put it inside the back of this bag. But I’m not carrying too many assets in one bag. Too bad I can’t show you how the inside of the bag look like, because they cannot be opened wider. Only certain parts can be opened wider and I show it in the photo above.

I carry complete equipment in this bag when I shoot fashion or weddings, pre-wedding, and conceptual portraits. I need an additional softcase for some light stand, softbox, and another flash. But when I want to shoot landscapes, this bag is enough to hold one camera, one wide lens, filters, and a tripod.

Is ‘black’ also another reason to choose this bag? Hahahaha !

What’s Inside My Backpack

backpack in front of wall

As I explained above, I use this Export backpack for a while. This backpack is capable of carrying the things I need. I never carry extra bags, almost every day. That’s why I never bothered to carry a lot of bags, until then I found the sling bag because it is more pragmatic.

This is memorable. I bought it with friends at some shopping center in 2009, and it can still be used until now. However, the age of our closeness is not as long as this bag usage.

export brand logo
behind the backpack

Even though the color has faded and outermost zipper is a little damaged, I still use this bag. I can fix the outermost at the repair shop sometimes for just $2.05.

One thing I like most about this bag is the inner zipper hidden behind the part of the bag that’s direct contact with my back. This is useful for preventing someone from easily taking items in the bag. I haven’t found another bag that has this feature.

I also often use this bag to carry some camera and lens when I shoot portraits in natural light, or when I’m walking and gathering experiences of background references.

I use this bag to carry a smartphone charger, a power bank, and sometimes I carry a book so I can read it anytime. If there are administrative documents that I want to take care of, I also use this bag.

Not all photos in this part show the things I brought. But, doesn’t my story already describe it?

Choose a bag that can carry your daily necessities

Absolutely. Some people I know make things difficult for themselves. They are unable to accommodate the most important items in one bag for their daily activities. There are also people who don’t neatly store these things in their bags. So that when they need some, they must looking for it first. It’s wasting time. This makes them unable to distinguish whether these items are hard to find because they are buried under others or trully left behind. In some cases, you can going from one place to another simply because of confusion. Which one is true? “Burried unded others” or “Trully left behind”? This wouldn’t happen if you put the belongings in your bag neatly.

So, choose a bag that can store the necessities that you carry for your daily activities. Choose one that has pockets for organizing important items.

And learn the discipline to manage it well.

Hope my way inspire you.


Jinan Ramadhan

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